Even if You’re a Complete Beginner with Nothing More than a Dream

From: MaryEllen Tribby

The fact is, it’s just too freakin’ hard to find a decent paying job right now.

Even if you have a job it could be gone tomorrow and you’re not likely to get a raise any time soon.

In today’s world, people are lucky just to have a job. So, it’s not likely you can tell your boss to “shove it” if you don’t like the conditions.

The reality out there today is that the real unemployment rate is closer to 20% and for every job listing, there are dozens or even hundreds of applicants out there wanting that job. It’s just crazy.

Today, in order to be happy and fulfilled in your career and still make enough money doing it, you have to think outside the box to come up with the solution.

Listen, if you need to make some extra money, or if you want to escape the rat race all together, then read every word of this urgent letter right now. Here’s why…

With the economy as bad as it is, and experts predicting it won’t get better anytime soon, now is the time to ‘recession-proof’ your income once and for all. And, there is a way you can do it.

How do I know? Because that’s exactly what I did!

And now, I’ve helped thousands of other people do the same using a new business model. The exact same model I am going to tell you about in this letter.

In fact, I’ve had multiple clients pay me $25,000 and more to learn what I am about to tell you. Which I’ll tell you more about a little bit later.

So, pay very close attention, because the knowledge you are about to receive is very, very expensive knowledge…

And, if you read all the way through, you may even qualify to get access to the proven step-by-step business blueprint that makes money like clockwork, no matter what the economy is doing.

A Quick Word of Warning First…

I’m not promising that you will get the exact same results that others mentioned in this presentation have experienced, or that you’ll get access to the blueprint itself, because not everyone will.

But, if you are looking for a proven plan to follow, and are ready to finally take that shot at your dreams, there is no better way that I know of, that works today, than the model I am about to share with you.

This is NOT one of those get rich quick schemes either, as you’ll soon see. This is a real business model with real proven results.

Meet MaryEllen Tribby

You are about to learn the true story of how one woman (yours truly) created a business model that allowed her to beat the odds and find a way to raise her three children, and cherish her husband, all while building a thriving business, becoming a best-selling author, and loving every single minute of it.

I am going to share with you my biggest secret to success, but first please allow me to tell you a little about myself.

I had zero advantages or easy breaks handed to me. I was born in Parsippany, NJ. My dad was a hard-working man and my mom was a school nurse. With three siblings, little attention was paid to me.

Except at school…

You see, I was badly pigeon-toed. So, I had to wear leg braces, I could not play sports and didn’t fit in with the other kids. And, as I am sure you know, kids are less than kind. In fact they can be quite cruel. Now, looking back, I really think it was my early school years where I learned the importance of being kind, and decided I wanted to help others. And, as you’ll soon see, that desire to help others is also a key in the secret of my success.

The reason I’m sharing my childhood story is so you understand what drove me to build a successful career.

I wanted out of that world so badly.

I wanted to get out of Parsippany, New Jersey.

And, I worked extremely hard to do it.

Before I even started middle school, I delivered newspapers and saved up my first $1000 before the age of 10.

More than the money, the most valuable lesson I learned from that? The real secret to business success is to focus all your attention on one thing. Making your customers happy. If you do that, the money will follow.

That seemingly simple lesson helped me succeed wildly in my career.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I worked HARD and sacrificed any social life to finally break free from financial worries. But for many years I was stuck in high gear, and frankly, in a job that was completely tiring me out.

I worked my way up in the biggest publishing companies in the world. Places like Forbes Inc., Times Mirror Magazine, and Crain’s New York Business.

It was during that time that I learned a step-by-step formula that proved to be amazingly successful, and ultimately was the formula that allowed me to break free from those “real” jobs.

Soon, I became the president of Weiss Research, (a top financial publisher) and helped them grow from $11M to $67M in 12 months!!

By this time I was getting wooed right and left and was able to take my pick of where I wanted to go next.

I was also the publisher and CEO of “Early To Rise” (a division of Agora) which I grew to $26M!!

By this time, not only had I become incredibly successful in my career, I also had three awesome and healthy kids with my loving husband, Patrick. It seemed to many that I had it all. But, often I was overworked and stressed and what I wanted more than anything was the freedom to enjoy my family life.

And then everything came to a screeching halt.

Suddenly, I Had A Reason To Want Financial Freedom Even More…

It was after a routine checkup that uncovered a cancer scare and left me waiting in fear for test results for a full 21 days.

I thought about my children left without a mother. I thought about all the time I spent worrying about pleasing others and getting ahead in my career. I thought about the time I spent away from my family and all the important moments and events I had to miss because of my job.

It was right then and there I became determined to leave behind this stressful career, and find a balanced way to make more money and spend more time with my family.

When the results of the test returned with positive results for the future, in an instant, I realized I had been given a second chance.

And, I was not about to squander it!

The very next day I went to work and resigned from my job. You see, even though I loved my career, even though it was very fulfilling and I was very successful, it was still a job, and I still didn’t control my own time.

It was time for me to apply the blueprint I had developed and used to help companies like Weiss and Agora succeed to a business of my own. So I started a website that changed everything. And I will show you that website in a moment.

Fast forward a few years later…

I’m making more money than I did when I was a corporate CEO. And, I don’t miss my son’s baseball games, or my daughter’s softball games. I don’t miss school activities, and I travel whenever and wherever I want.

The answer was there all along.

My Business Model Is Based On A Proven Business You May Have Heard Of… The Magazine Business.

The Rag Business…

And, one that, frankly, I grew up in.

You see the magazine business is a great business, because as a magazine publisher:

  • They Don’t Create Content (Writers Do For Little or Nothing)
  • They Don’t Get Readers (Distributors and Retailers do)
  • They Don’t Create Offers (Offers find THEM because they are media)
  • They Just Make Money

So what do magazine publishers do? Well, simple. They aggregate content that’s already available. They aggregate readers that are already looking for content. They identify markets where people are interested in reading more and learning more, and frankly, they deposit the checks. That’s basically it. It’s a pretty simple model.

And I don’t care what anyone says. The magazine business may have gotten a bad rep over the last few years because some people mismanaged it, but the magazine business is truly a great business, especially when you apply some of the tweaks that we are going talk about.

So many Internet business ideas come and go. I mean the reality of the Internet is that things change. For a time, blogging was all the rage. Then it was twitter, now its Facebook. Those things are fine, and there is absolutely a place for them in every single business model. But when you are starting a business, you want to follow a real model that’s going to last.

And the amazing thing about this model is that anyone can do it.

So many internet business ideas come and go. Things change. For a time blogging was all the rage. Then Twitter, now it’s Facebook.

Those things are fine, but when you are starting a business, you want something that’s going to last.

You want to follow a blueprint that stood the test of time.

The magazine model has stood the test of time.

In fact, print magazines have been around for centuries. But what is new is the idea of publishing a magazine online and the amazing thing about this model is that anyone can do it.

You don’t have to be some big fancy publisher and have a huge staff.

See I call these “inbox magazines”, and many people have paid me a whopping $25,000 dollars to reveal my complete inbox magazine blueprint.

When I tell you my secret name for this method, it will blow your mind.

I Call It The O.P.W. Method

O.P.W. stands for making money with Other Peoples’ Work.

In truth, that’s what the “Inbox Magazine” business model is all about…

Here’s how it works. You’ve probably heard of Forbes Magazine. Well, I actually worked there and I know Steve Forbes fairly well. Malcolm Forbes, Steve Forbes’s father, started Forbes magazine, and in case you didn’t know, Malcolm wasn’t writing 100 pages a month for the magazine. He wasn’t doing that. Absolutely not.

Instead the magazine publisher finds smart people who love to write and create content and publishes them each month in the magazine, and that’s the mindset that I want you to adopt right now, not the mindset of the writer. That’s probably the mindset you’ve had all along, right? I need to become a writer; I need to write a book or an e-book or something like that. Set that mindset aside and start thinking about life as a magazine publisher, because as you are about to see it’s a pretty sweet life.

The magazine gets readers for very little or even no cost, and then each issue is filled with great content, and the magazine publisher gets credit for it all. Remember, that’s why the magazine is called Forbes, it has Forbes’ name on it, even though Forbes isn’t the one providing the content. That’s a pretty sweet deal. So, that’s one of the best things about being a publisher.

Instead, the magazine publisher finds smart people who love to write and create content and publishes THEM each month in the magazine.

The magazine gets readers for very little or even no cost and then each issue is filled with great content and the magazine gets credit for it all, even though the contributing writers provided all the content.

I apply this very model to my “Inbox Magazine” business blueprint.

So What Do I Do?

  • I find smart people who love to write (So they create the content)
  • I get new readers for little or nothing (I have 17 sources of new readers)
  • I send rich content to my readers (I get all the credit and my readers love it)
  • I send my list related, profitable offers
  • I make money like clockwork each month

Now, this is so much easier and more profitable than publishing even your own blog or, posting to Facebook or Twitter all the time, hoping to attract visitors to your website.

I have a panel of expert writers who gives me content and even offers to promote to my subscribers so I don’t even have to develop any products.

The Big Difference

I send my “magazine” to my list of email subscribers’ inboxes.

It only takes me 2 – 4 hours a week to run.

I own the platform and because it is online, I can change anything I want at any time.

Plus, unlike most internet businesses, the “Inbox Magazine” is VERY sellable. Larger publishers are eager to acquire these “Inbox Magazines”.

You may not be looking to sell your business right now, but believe me, it can be a nice chunk of change if and when you do. Why not keep your options open, right?

And the best part of my “Inbox Magazine” is that it requires ZERO employees.

Listen to what one woman wrote in after starting her own inbox magazine.

Dear MaryEllen,

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I just wanted to write in to thank you for creating Inbox Empire.

I thought you might find it interesting to note that
Inbox Empire works incredibly well in “unconventional” markets too.

I bought the product at the beginning of 2012 after seeing you speak.

It took about 2 months for my partner and I to go through the course and we launched our first issue in April.

We’ve been delivering once a week ever since and our list has grown to over 4,000 people and we’re getting 30-60 new subscribers daily, and growing!

In fact, I’m making enough money from our Inbox Magazine that I just gave notice to quit my day job at the end of October.

My partner is on schedule to quit his job by the end of the year. At that point, we’ll have the freedom to work from anywhere, and we plan to use the money from our new found business to move to the city we’ve been dreaming about for the last 2 years.

Honestly, I almost can’t believe this is really happening. I’m endlessly thankful to you MaryEllen for putting this together and making my dreams come true.

I’ve tried several side businesses, and this one takes less work and yet is the only one that’s been successful.

In just 3-4 hours a week, I’m consistently making more from my Inbox Magazine than when I was working 40 hours at my day job!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Take care,
Kelly Tanguay

So here is what inbox magazines are not, just to clarify.

1) It’s not just email marketing. Yes, I do send emails, but even when I am sending promotions, I am perceived as the content provider, not a marketer, and that positioning makes all the difference as you’ll soon see.

2) It’s also not blogging. Look, blogging is great and blogging has its purpose, but the inbox magazine has a much higher perceived value and better results than blogs, because I have taken the content to my subscribers instead of requiring the subscribers to come back to me all the time. That’s why it’s so effective.

3) And it’s definitely not spam. Look, my subscribers love me. They are all subscribers, they are all opt-in, and the proof of that is that my open rates are as high as 30%-40%. Now standard, if you talk to most people with big email addresses, if they get 3%-4% open rates, they are feeling pretty good about themselves. So my open rates are ten times higher because again, it’s perceived as content, not marketing.

This is NOT Email Marketing.

Sure, the Inbox Magazine is sent out to subscribers email inbox, but the messages are perceived like issues of a magazine.

That means I’m not perceived as a marketer but rather as a content-provider…even when I send promotional emails!

Like I said before, this is NOT blogging.

There are literally thousands of blogs and most of them don’t attract many visitors, in part because they have a lower perceived value due to the simple fact many are just the rantings of some random blogger.

An Inbox Magazine, on the other hand, like a print magazine, has a higher-perceived value and better results because it brings the content to the subscriber instead of forcing them to remember to visit a blog.

Because of this higher perceived value, the Inbox Magazine emails are eagerly anticipated and not considered ‘Spam’ or pestering like most email marketers messages are.

My subscribers LOVE me and anywhere between 30 and 40% of my messages are opened… which is incredible considering the industry average is 3 to 4%!

Here Are Some Examples of
Inbox Magazines…


Now, here are some examples of inbox magazines so you can get a sense of what we are talking about. The first example is my own, Working Moms Only.com.  I started this inbox magazine because I am so passionate about being a working mom with the balanced blend of work and family time with my wonderful kids and husband.

The expert panel for my site includes famous contributors like Brian Tracy, Mariel Hemingway, and Dr. Al Sears. But there are also a lot of people contributing to this site that aren’t movie stars and famous speakers. People like Marie Forleo and Shane Ellison who are respected in their own niches and have great content.

Basically, anything that would be of interest to working moms is a good fit for my readers. It doesn’t have to be just specific to entrepreneurship. Anything that working moms might find interesting and helpful goes in my inbox magazine. And what’s so great is that I don’t have to be an expert on all of these topics.

It’s a really, really simple model. So you can forget about all the hassles of becoming an expert on a topic, writing an eBook or doing a zillion blog posts or Facebook updates like most Internet marketing strategies teach you to do.

This is so much easier, so simple and so much fun!

Not only do I love the topic of my Inbox Magazine, but it allows me to mostly automate the business so I can send out a few emails and live the ‘laptop lifestyle’ from wherever I want.

Now, another example of an inbox magazine is ‘Early to Rise’. Early to Rise is the inbox magazine that I took from 8 million dollars a year to a whopping 26 million dollars in only 15 months. Now, am I saying that you’re going to go out there and make 26 million a year? I don’t know obviously. This is an example.


Again, past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results, but you can see the format is very, very similar and the website design is actually pretty simple. I mean, compared to most online publishing models, this one is incredibly simple, which is a good thing.

And by the way, Early to Rise is part of Agora, and they are one of the single biggest players in the information publishing industry. They are literally a half-a-billion-dollar company. Like I said, I grew this particular division to 26 million dollars a year with exactly the same blueprint that I am about to tell you about here in this presentation.

Now you can see why a lot of other people have paid me $25,000 dollars to teach this exact same blueprint. It’s really effective and it’s really, really profitable. So whether you want to make a few hundred dollars a week, or a few thousand dollars or more, the model is the same. It’s just about how big you want your subscriber base to grow and frankly how hard you want to work.

In fact I have taught others already to follow my blueprint and they have achieved predictably successful results too.

Here’s another great example.

“Thank you SO MUCH for creating Inbox Empire. It’s the best and most thorough online course I’ve participated in. It doesn’t leave anything out! I love the monthly coaching calls.

At first I tried doing everything on my own, but since I started participating each month I’ve been on fire. I am so grateful for your concise and insightful feedback. It has helped me correct course and stay on track. With your coaching I’ve revised my entire website and begun an intense focus on list building.

You’ve changed my priorities and business for the better. Without the course and especially your coaching, I’d still be running in circles!

Thank you for sharing your time, talents and insights with all of us in the Inbox community.”

Tami Call

Tami Call, God and Business Today.com

and here’s another one –

The Inbox Empire business model is the best one out there. MaryEllen’s work ethic and her commitment to her students and her community is truly inspiring. MaryEllen is the real deal. If you get the chance to work with or study under her then I urge you to jump on the opportunity.

Dave Michaels Sr, SuccessBuff.com

This inbox magazine model works in about any niche you can think of, so let your imagination run wild right now with all the things that you are passionate about, because you can have your own inbox magazine too. Even if somebody said, “Oh that wouldn’t work for an eBook”, it would work for an inbox magazine.

The next example is from one of my private students, Dr. Sue. When I met Dr Sue she had a thriving medical practice, her young son Grant and her husband Steve who owns and operates a farm. But with all the hours she put in at the office she had little time to spend with Grant and Steve.  But now that she has her own thriving online business called PositivelyBeautiful.com she was able to cut back on the hours she goes into the office and spends that time with Grant and Steve instead.

Now I hope you are seeing why I am so excited about this inbox magazine business blueprint.PositivelyBeautifulscreenshotIf you are thinking about quitting your job to run your own inbox magazine, you might be asking whether they last a long time. Is this a long lasting sustainable business model, or is it one of those, you know, here today gone tomorrow business models?Well to put this into perspective, here is the first inbox magazine that I started years ago. I mean this was back in the late 2001, and today it has over half a million subscribers. It’s called ‘Money and Markets’, and it’s thriving in the highly competitive financial niche market.moneyandmarketsscreenshotYou can see that it basically follows the exact same model as the ones that we have talked about before. So how fast can you build up a successful inbox magazine? Well that varies by how much effort and time you want to put in to this particular model.Here is another example of the results that one of my private clients received after working with me. He said,”When I got the opportunity to be mentored by MaryEllen, I jumped at the chance. One of the most important things she taught me is to STOP doing so many things that were wasting my time and energy.Working with MaryEllen not only helped me grow my list, but increased my PROFITS 500%!I now have the peace of mind knowing that my financial future is secure.”-Noah St. John, Productivity Expert and Best-selling Author of The Book of AFFORMATIONS®

After teaching Noah St. John this model, he literally increased his profits by 500%. That’s why we say its 500% more profitable than blogging. Before he was just blogging and sending his email offers to the list. And spending a heck of a lot of time during it.

Now you are probably starting to get the idea that you can make your inbox magazine  just about anything that people are interested in from anywhere in the world. Really, the ideas are endless.

Even if you see that somebody else has an inbox magazine about the same topic or targeted to the same audience, that’s okay. People will subscribe to more than one. And hey, maybe you want to do an inbox magazine about your favorite hobby.

Your market could be working moms, or it could just be people who live in a particular city or people with any hobby like raising German Shepherd puppies! It’s totally up to you and your interests. Just think about print magazines – there is a magazine out there for almost everything.

Hey, maybe you want to do an Inbox Magazine about your favorite hobby.

Here is a highly successful example that’s in a niche that most people wouldn’t think would be big enough, but it is.

300K+ Woodworking Subscribers

It’s an inbox magazine with over 300,000 subscribers, and it’s about woodworking. Think about that for a minute-Woodworking. Now that’s a hobby that you’d think , “Ah I bet this doesn’t even lend itself to the Internet,” but it does.

It’s a very successful inbox magazine. Again, with inbox magazines, it could be your hobby, your passion, your vocation; essentially the thing that you love more than anything else in this world can become your business. And this is important because this isn’t always the case with eBooks, home study courses and other information products.

People won’t always send money to buy a book on a particular topic, but they will subscribe to an inbox magazine and you can monetize those subscribers in a lot of different ways. For example, it might not make sense for ME to write an eBook or a home study course about being a great working mom. But with an inbox magazine, I can still serve and profit from that market. All I have to do is publish great content. And between advertising revenue and affiliate commissions on relevant, products and services, I can and do earn a fantastic income.

For example, if your passion is helping people improve their health, here is a site that might resonate with you. It’s an inbox magazine that’s targeted to women who want to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.Lynda Goldman publishes an inbox magazine called Healthy Organic Woman, and she shares secrets to healthy living.
Oh yeah – Lynda is an Inbox Empire graduate and now a colleague whose content has been featured in my own inbox magazines.Sure there are a lot of health websites out there but the whole idea behind the inbox empire model is about building a community, your own community.So Lynda is setting herself up so she can either keep running her business and making money, or she can sell it if she’d like to one of the big health conglomerates out there.
Anyone Can Start an Inbox Magazine…
Now, just to be clear, anyone can start an inbox magazine. It doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 70. You can do this. It’s one of the least technical Internet business models out there. Literally, I have students all across the age and niche ranges. I had a student who was 17 as well as a couple in their 70s.In fact, just listen to what my young student Chase accomplished with Inbox Empire
You don’t know me but I’m a big fan of your work…I came across ETR a few years ago and have been following ever since.I’m contacting you to let you know that my biz partner and I took what we learned from your Inbox Magazine seminar and have already locked down agreements from 23 of the top experts in our field to participate in the magazine…I truly thank you for *giving* away that info.BTW, I’m a 23 year old dude who graduated a year and a half ago and haven’t been working for anyone since. You were a real inspiration behind my decision to take the action and I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful content.Cheers.
Chase Sherman, Inbox Magazine Publisher
Okay, one more quick example just to prove that there is an inbox magazine for any interest. Here is a very successful example targeted at concealed gun carriers – . It’s called the national concealed carry association, and it’s owned by Tim Schmidt. I ran into Tim last year at an event and man-oh-man, he is making a ton of money with his inbox magazine.
One More Example…
Probably the best news about this amazing business model is that you can have as many as you want. Whatever the size of business you want to grow, the inbox magazine model will scale as big as you want it to scale. Considering that they take just 2-4 hours per week each, and I can show you how to outsource a lot of that work too, the sky is the limit.And here is perhaps the best news yet about this amazing business model…
You Can Have As Many As You Want
For example, one company I know of has over 30 of these inbox magazines in niches ranging from travel to investment to survival to health, and everything across the board.
And in case you are wondering how you will find experts to contribute to your inbox magazine, let me just say that experts are everywhere. Here is one site that I love called RTIR.com.
Experts Are Everywhere!
These people actually pay to be listed on this site. Experts pay to be listed here in the hopes that somebody is going to come along and interview them. If you went to them and said, “Hey, would you like to write for my inbox magazine?” I can almost assure you that most of the people would say, “Yes”.

Why? Because they want publicity. How do you know? Because they are paying for it. And this site is free for you to use and easily searchable on any topic. Here is another one that you have probably heard of, ezinearticles.com. This site was built for this express purpose, and you can go out and you can contact people who are real experts. Like this person here.  Annie is a real life expert with real products to sell. And I am sure if you wanted to publish an inbox magazine on this particular topic, that Annie would be happy to write for you, and that she’d be happy to also have you promote her product and make some money on the side from it. It’s a great, great model and a really, really simple one at that.

And I have four MORE places, not including the ones I just showed you, where you can find content and experts for just about any topic you can dream up. And again, they are totally free for you to use.

And when it comes to getting subscribers, I have some super simple and free strategies you can implement that take less than 30 minutes a week and don’t require you to be an expert at marketing or traffic generation.

So if you can get content for free, you get subscribers for free, again you can see how this is a pretty great model. One of the methods that I use to get free subscribers is content syndication.

Hey, if you have already got content coming in, why not syndicate it to other people’s websites, other people’s blogs, other people’s inbox magazines, and use that to bring in free subscribers. I’ve got my content syndicated on the Balancing Act, which is actually a blog that is based around a nationally syndicated television show. So it’s a pretty good deal, and it wasn’t all that difficult to get. Another place my content is syndicated on a regular basis is The Huffington Post, which received 50 MILLION hits a WEEK.

And I will show you how you can get these types of deals as well. The idea is that when you syndicate your content, you are leveraging the resources that you have, and leverage equals money.

Now it’s all part of my proven and time-tested blueprint that has been very successful for so many of my private students and consulting clients. It has literally changed their businesses, hence changing their lives.

Here’s why the Inbox Magazine is the perfect business for you to start NOW on a shoestring budget (in a crappy economy)…

  • It’s the simplest online model…
  • It costs less than $100 to start…
  • Works from anywhere in the world…
  • Passion, purpose or profit based…
  • The most scalable & sellable…
  • You can turn it into a MINIMUM of 5 Streams of Income…
  • You really help people…

And even more reasons….

  • Takes less than 4 hours a week (a REAL 4 Hour Work Week!)…
  • You don’t have to quit work yet…
  • No need for employees ever…
  • You’re building a true asset…
  • It’s perfect platform for creating books, TV or radio…

Like What You’ve Heard So Far?

You can join us…

So many business owners and entrepreneurs spend all their time on blogs and Facebook, and yes again, there is a place for those things, but they are not the center of your information publishing business. The inbox magazine could and should be. The reality is, this is the future.

And that’s why I created Inbox Empire. And I am going to let you look over my shoulder while I do it again. You see, I have been itching to start a new Inbox Magazine for a while. Well, now is just the perfect time to do so.

And right now I am going to work with a limited group of new entrepreneurs. I am sharing what I know about direct response marketing – online marketing, traffic generation and list building, as well as sharing my 25 years of business building experience with the inbox magazine model. I am calling this training “Inbox Empire”, because that’s exactly what you are getting, you are going to learn how to build your own empire of inbox magazines.

So, What Is Inbox Empire, What Is This Training All About?

Well, it’s a 6-Part webinar training program that covers all the steps of launching your own “Inbox Magazine” from scratch. You are going to get handouts, checklists, and cheat sheets for each and every model so you never get lost. The exact same ones I used in my business and in my high priced consulting clients business. You get fully customizable website templates and vendor lists so you don’t have to reinvent them.

Plus, you get direct access to me and my team so you can get all your questions answered.

Here’s What’s You Get Inside
Inbox Empire…

Module 1: Market Research

Now in the first module, I am going to talk about market research. I am going to talk about how to find your passion, even if you think you don’t have one. See, I assume that right now you are saying, “These all sounds great, but I don’t know what market I want to go into, I don’t have any ideas.” If that’s where you are, that’s fine. That’s actually what I am assuming, and that’s why I am going to take your hand and walk you through it step by step and show you how to find your passion, even if you think you don’t have one.

I am going to show you how to define your avatar. Who is going to be the face of your inbox magazine? And by the way if you are a private person, and you don’t want to be the face of this business, if you don’t want to be like Forbes with your name on the cover of the magazine, that’s fine. You don’t have to be. But if you want to be, you certainly can. I am going talk about proven inbox magazine models, again, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And how to spy on your competition so that you can see what’s working without having to go out there and spend a bunch of money on tactics that just don’t work.

And how to determine the sell-ability of your inbox magazine before you even get started. Now, do you have to sell your inbox magazine? Of course not. If you are enjoying it, if you love it, you can do it forever if you want to. But I know a lot of folks out there like the idea of selling their stuff, that’s what I have done in the past, and that’s what I position all of my own inbox magazines to do.

Module 2: Nuts and Bolts

In Module 2, I am going to get into the Nuts and Bolts, the nitty- gritty, you know, the delivery frequency dos and don’ts. I am going to teach you about length and structure. How you should structure your inbox magazine. What should it look like. What are the critical components that should be in there and the components that you should leave out? I am going to talk about text or html, so you know what works better. Should you go with an all text inbox magazine, or should it be more of an html based graphical inbox magazine? Both of them can work, but I am going to share which ones you should do and when.

Partial vs. full push, I don’t really have time to go into what those are right now. But it’s important to choose either partial or full push, depending on your market. And deliver-ability tips and tricks-a lot of people think, “Oh, email marketing is dead because deliver-ability is so poor.” The reality is, over the past couple of years because so many people have shifted away from email marketing to blogs, there is less clutter in their email inbox than it used to be. And, it’s actually easier today to get an email delivered than it was 2 years ago, but only once you know the tricks, which I am going to show you.

Module 3: Getting Content

In Module 3, I am going to show you how to get content. We are going to talk about the panel model. So how you can get all the content that you need, for free! I am assuming that you are not a writer. Perhaps you hate to write or are just plain afraid to write. No worries because I am going to show you how you can be an inbox magazine publisher, not a writer. I am going to talk about rapid fire content creation if you do want to write. Plus, I will show you free sources of compiled content that you can copy and paste totally legally, totally ethically, without permission. So if you run a little behind on one issue, or when you are just getting started, and if you are having a difficult time, you can go out there and get content even if you are afraid to talk to people. Plus, I will share my secret content filing tricks, so that as you stumble across content, you’ll learn how you can file them both digitally and physically, so that when the time comes to put together an issue, the issue literally writes itself.

Module 4: Getting Subscribers

In Module 4, I am going to show you how to get subscribers. This is obviously a pretty important part because if nobody is reading your inbox magazine, then it’s hard to make money. So I am going to talk about opt in forms, and squeeze pages that convert, free “guerrilla” list-building tactics, advanced tactics, advanced content syndication strategies, co-registration done right. A lot of people have heard of co-registration, a lot of people think that it doesn’t work. Co-registration is one of the best ways to get guaranteed targeted subscribers with a little bit of money. And the ‘no webmaster required’ way to build a professional website even if you are a non-technical newbie. So again, just like I assumed back in Module One that you don’t have any ideas, and just like I assumed that you don’t want to write, you know, when I talked about getting content, about getting subscribers and building out a website; I assume that you are not a webmaster, and I assume that you are not technical, so I will show you everything step by step and give you all the ‘no webmaster required’ ways to build the same types of sites that I use in my own business as well as those of my clients’, because the steps are identical regardless if you have one Inbox Magazine or 50. Whether you are a 1 million dollar company or a 100 million dollar company – that’s the beauty!

Module 5: Making Money

In module 5, I will get into making money. This is obviously the most important module in the entire training. I will talk about selling advertising, things like sponsored ads, solo mails and banner ads. I will talk about renting your list, and how to go out there and actually mail your list with other people’s offers, without violating CANSPAM laws. That’s important, because you don’t want to get into trouble there. I’ll teach you my most guarded secrets about successful JVs. Like how I get 75% commission on all the products that I promote. Now standard in the industry is a 50/50 commission, yes only 50%. But I am able to get a 75% pay out, and in some cases a 100% commission. Now I ask you, if you are getting paid 75% of commission, a 100% in some cases, why would you need to create your own products? The answer is, you don’t! And I am going to show you how I am able to get 75% commissions on offers I share with my list, day in and day out. I am going to talk about paid subscriptions and premium content upgrades. Plus the next level which is how to publish your panelist beyond just having him contribute the content to your inbox magazine, but actually how to publish them and have them create their own eBook, and their own home study courses- where you own the content but they do all of the work. Remember that’s what being the publisher is all about. They do the work, you own the content, and you deposit the checks.

Module 6: Running the Biz

In Module 6, I will get into how you go about running the business, the day to day, the key metrics that you need to measure on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; proven success factors and magic numbers; how to manage employees and outsourcers. If you want to outsource this entire project, I am going to give you our complete organizational chart so you can plug in the different outsourcers that you need on your team to run this, so that you can truly live the ‘laptop lifestyle’ as I like to call it. I am going to show you how you can grow your empire and run multiple inbox magazines and how to position your business for sale, so that you can really get the big payday.

Now at this point you are probably wondering how much, right? How much is this training? But before I get into that, first let me tell you about some bonus gifts that I am throwing in for free.

Here’s what you get…

Bonus #1: One-On-One Private Pre-Launch Strategy Session
   The first bonus is a one-on-one private pre-launch strategy session with me. So before you go live, before you launch your inbox magazine, I will personally review your site and then hop on the phone with you- just you and me to talk strategy and answer any questions you have. I may even be able to hook you up with some of our better JV partners. Now, obviously, no promises on that, it’s only when it’s appropriate. But as an inbox magazine publisher, and as my inbox empire student, I know that you are going to be doing the right types of things, building the right type of business model; so if I can help you out, of course, I am going to do that. Like I said earlier, the value for a one-on-one phone call with me for a 30-minute phone session is $625, which is a very, very fair price.

Retail Value: $625… Your Cost $0

Bonus #2: 90 Days of Live Platinum Coaching

The second big bonus gift that I am offering you is what I call our office hours. So, if you are worried that this training might be a little too advanced for you, even though it’s not, you should be just fine. Because, not only can you jump on bi-monthly Q&A calls with me and my team where you can ask us any question under the sun, but you can also get access to all these for a full 90 days. Now my private clients pay $1,250 an hour to talk to me. These calls generally run 2 hours and you can have 6 calls over the next 90 days. That would cost my private clients $7,500! So you are essentially being able to tap into calls for three months that other people pay $7,500 to attend. That’s a big time value, and I hope you see that. Above all else, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to have a question and get that question answered. You will never have to worry. It’s like having me on speed dial. I am always just a phone call away.

Retail Value: $7,500… Your Cost $0

Bonus #3: 24/7 Access To Our Members-Only Forum
  You also get 24/7 access to our members area, where you can seek advice from me, members from my team, and your fellow empire owners. This is your own private community of folks working through the same issues. They are there to help you every step of the way.

Bonus #4: Access to My Network
  Access to my braggable network. In my cell phone right now I have the private numbers of the “best of breed”. What that means is I associate with only the best in business. That’s the way I have added this very special section of folks that you would not otherwise have access to. Personal underground interviews, conversations and email communication with people like Michael Masterson, Clayton Makepeace, Rich Schefren, Joe Polish and Marie Forleo. I can’t even begin to put a price on this. Frankly, you will not be able to get this anywhere else. This is PRICELESS!

Bonus #5: Access to the Digital Vault
This includes over 75 hours of prior coaching calls with me. I could sell this section alone for $2,000. These are the same questions and advice that you’ll be seeking to build your business. !

Retail Value: $2,000… Your Cost $0

So let’s recap…

Here’s What You’re Getting

  • The Complete Inbox Empire 6 Part Multi-Media Training, a $2,000 Value
  • Free updates and support for 12 months
  • A “1-On-1” Strategy Session with MaryEllen, a $625 Value
  • 90 Days of Platinum Coaching with MaryEllen Tribby, a $7,500 Value
  • Access to the 24/7 Members Forum
  • Access to my Priceless “Best of Breed” Bonus Section
  • Digital Vault, a $2,000 value

for a TOTAL VALUE of $12,125.

Obviously, I’m NOT Going To Ask You To Pay $12,125…

I’m not even going to ask you to pay $1,997 (which would be totally fair just based on the bonuses I am throwing in here).

Again, if I go out there and do this as a formal launch with all the things that you are getting bonus for free, I am going to sell at retail at full market value at that time.

So this really is a good package and right now because you are getting it early and because I want feedback, I’m going to offer Inbox Empire for just three payments of $197.

BUT… If you pay in full I’m going to offer you an additional $94 off and you’ll get access to everything for just one payment of $497!

…and this special rate does include free updates and support for 12 months.

That means that if after this training if we do some major upgrades to Inbox Empire you will get all those for free and you get to start the training today.

Everything you need to get started today is waiting for you right now.

So all you need to do if you want to start your Inbox Empire today is go ahead and invest the first payment today and you can start taking action today.

But as I said in the beginning of this letter. We’re opening this Inbox Empire training to a limited group.

My 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 90 days to put “Inbox Empire” to the test. If by the end of the training, you don’t have an “Inbox magazine” earning you extra income…you can feel free to ask for a full refund.

All I ask is that you do your part and give it a fair shot…

In other words, you’re making money as an inbox magazine publisher within 90 days…or YOU DON’T PAY!

It’s as simple as that…Start your training TODAY!!

P.S. Because of the individual coaching involved, I am limiting the number of students, so once it is filled, the training will close until this group has gone all the way through training. I want them to go through, I want to take care of them, I want them to get a lot of success stories, when and if it reopens, the pricing may change.

If you want to get in one of the spots and if you don’t want to wait until everybody has gone through the training, and if you don’t want to have to pay more, click the order button right now.

You will get instant access to members area and you can start your training today.

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experience, and your dedication to our success. I think that this program is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others!”
Sabine Ehrenfeld, Inbox Publisher